Transportation Manager

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Transportation Management is a demanding job, with requirements to be on call at all hours and on weekends in case any urgent matter arises. It is, however, a rewarding job in a fast paced environment. If approached dynamically with innovation and enthusiasm, Transportation Management can be greatly fulfilling, providing experience in a high-pressured environment with an array of varied tasks and duties from people management to ensuring the maintenance of vehicles and transport documentation. You will be expected to follow all the applicable regulations and laws, and all company policies, procedures, and practices as applicable to safety, transportation, inventory, and verification plans.

You will operate under the highest standards of professionalism. You will be expected to follow all applicable laws and regulations, and all company policies, procedures, and practices as they apply to security, verification, and inventory plans.



Primary Responsibilities

  • The Transport Manager is responsible for getting the correct quantities of products to their required location within the given time limit and as a result must effectively organize and manage the process.

  • As a Transport Manager, you will be responsible for personnel, monitoring their progress and being their first point of contact should a problem arise making communication skills vital. These communication skills are also vital in the development of customer relationships, managing questions and complaints calmly and decisively.

  • The Transport Manager is responsible for organizing and overseeing all health and safety checks and routine vehicle checks and adhering to both company policy and CA statutory requirements.

  • The Transport Manager must also be involved in strategic development and the maintaining of any administrative records, regularly communicating with the delivery manager to ensure smooth operation and strict adherence to the reporting requirements as defined in California regulations.

  • All other functions as designated by Senior Management (where applicable).

Competency Requirements

  • You are at least 21 years of age.

  • You may be required to hold relevant qualifications relevant to Transportation Management, at minimum a driver’s license.

  • A Transport Manager requires knowledge and understanding of all areas of the supply chain, budgets and financial controls, legislation.

  • You must be able to efficiently work within a highly government regulated framework and be skilled in the compliant software reporting of products between businesses as well as with customers.

  • A Transport Manager requires strong communication and people management skills, being able to cultivate strong business relationships on multiple levels.

  • You must have a sound understanding of basic accountancy and be mathematically inclined, as this position requires involvement in managing budgets and the calculation of weights and measures.

  • Due to the high level of machinery and the importance of time constraints, a Transport Manager must also be safety conscious, with a full knowledge of transport operations and maintenance and be detail conscious with regards to the vehicles themselves and route planning.

  • You must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Previous in-person customer service experience or role.

  • Working knowledge and understanding of all applicable regulations associated with cannabis.

  • No Felonies and be able to pass extensive city and state background checks.



A vendor will be utilized to conduct a background check on all new hires upon acceptance of an offer of employment. Information collected in this application will be verified during the background check process.

Perks & Benefits

  • Paid Holidays (full time employees only)
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) within 1st year of employment upon completion of 90 days of employment

  • Healthcare after two years of employment (planned but not guaranteed)

  • Room to grow with preferred internal hiring of senior level staff

  • Experience that will be recognized throughout the industry


Depends on experience



How to Apply

Download the application by clicking the button below and email it to along with a resume