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Highroad Consulting Group specializes in creating start-up’s and growing small companies into large ones quickly by using scalable, easily trainable operating practices. Our team of accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals have helped create and build industry leaders in the cannabis industry, including medical clinics, cultivation facilities, and dispensaries. Utilizing our many years of combined experience, our team can offer business planning services that could save or earn you millions through:
•    Financial Modeling and Analysis of specific markets and business models
•    Scalable Business Practices and Procedures
•    Real Estate Consulting
•    Marketing and Brand Consulting
•    Proven Track Record of finding hidden revenue streams.


Highroad Consulting Group established itself as an industry leader by helping clients obtain cannabis licenses in multiple states through merit-based application processes such as those in Nevada, and in non-merit-based process such as in Washington. Each Application our team creates is managed and repeatedly reviewed by our in-house attorney, Ryan Fingerhut, who has years of experience with application project management and has procured 16 cannabis business licenses in 4 states (Washington, Nevada, Alaska, and California), as well as the local permits necessary to operate those businesses. In fact, every application that our team has submitted has received a license. By combining these skills with an unmatched inventory of proprietary supplemental materials, Highroad Consulting Group is an industry leader in winning cannabis licenses. Highroad Consulting Group’s application support includes:
•    Detailed project plan and project management
•    Abridged operating manuals to demonstrate competency
•    Comprehensive budgeting
•    Final application compilation
•    Compliance interpretation
•    Local Cannabis Permitting
•    Government & Community Relations


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Compliance is one of the most overlooked but fundamental pieces of the legal cannabis industry, which is why compliance is one of the Highroad Consulting Group main support services. Cannabis licenses and infrastructure are large investments, and operators must comply with all regulations if they wish to avoid hefty fines and possible loss of their license. Highroad Consulting Group's team are experts in building and maintaining compliant operations, while minimizing the necessary costs compliance entails. Our proven compliance procedures are affordable, scalable, and-- most importantly-- compliant with all state regulations and best industry practices. Highroad Consulting Group programs help clients comply with:
•    Inventory tracking
•    Patient record keeping
•    Reporting practices to local agencies
•    Quality Assurance Programs
•    Patient education
•    Staff licensing
•    Compliance Auditing
•    Regulatory Enforcement Representation
•    Corrective Action Plans


Highroad Consulting Group transfers its experience in creating industry leaders in the cannabis world to its clients. We can provide standard operating procedures for management and staff and can provide professional references and evaluations of advisors, including lawyers, real estate brokers, architects, engineers, zoning consultants, financial consultants, construction managers, general contractors, and design consultants. Highroad Consulting Group leverages the best practices found in the traditional and cannabis industries. Highroad Consulting Group offers help with:
•    Optimal dispensary and cultivation design
•    Comprehensive staffing charts, job descriptions, Hiring and Termination forms and checklists.
•    Employee handbooks, operations manuals, and operations tools for each department
•    Medicine and product mixture optimization
•    Patient service programs
•    Sales Contract Templates
•    Expert Staff & Equipment Sourcing

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Our overall objective is to empower our partners/ clients to accomplish each of the critical action steps necessary in establishing a medical cannabis organization quickly, efficiently and effectively. To this end, we offer a comprehensive products and services package that is organized by each phase of the lifecycle path that ultimately drives to state licensing.

The 7 Phases of our comprehensive products and services package ideally are purchased with our involvement from startup, thus building a strong platform from which to achieve the greatest success and return on your investment from each phase...


During this critically important stage we will assist you in understanding the challenges and expenses of operating a highly regulated and competitive business when your product is in federal conflict.  Regardless of where you start – the discipline of this stage helps you understand the financial opportunities as well as risks that stand in front of you. It is the cornerstone from which your business is built or perhaps even abandoned once you fully understand the landscape.

Highroad's Unique Position

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who’s been in the legal cannabis industry longer than our team. We’ve invested our own money so we know the pain of writing checks and the prudence of spending the money wisely – we’ve started up over a dozen cannabis businesses – built them up and sold some of the first cannabis businesses in the world.  We have been asked by lawmakers to participate in the writing of their laws, combine our political experience with the many years of traditional business successes – we got you covered!

Anticipated Result: The confidence to make an informed "go" or "no go" decision o your project


California’s 58 counties and 480 incorporated cities and towns each take a unique approach to regulating medical cannabis. Even in the friendliest political climates, medical cannabis patients and dispensaries have encountered stiff opposition. An effective government relationship process is essential to the success of any Medical Cannabis Organization. Desert Hot Springs (DHS), a small community with a population of 27,000 and one of 9 cities occupying the Coachella Valley is on the front lines of developing regulations ahead of mandated State Licensing Rules that are under development. These state rules empower the local communities to write their own regulations providing they are at minimum following the state rules. This puts us in a unique position of getting ahead in some regard, but also rules in ‘anticipation’ of what the State will implement. Add that the November ballot also has Adult Use being voted on – there is a lot of work and risk to getting into the cannabis industry at this juncture. But there lies what we believe is the opportunity.

Anticipated Result: Approved conditional Use Permit


Highroad Consulting Group, having gone through the process in the Valley for this exact function, is uniquely positioned to help identify cost savings and expediency to the construction process.  Listening to the vision of their clients with the input from staff master growers a design will be communicated to a professional team of Valley contractors that will include value engineering. Highroad Consulting Group has been building large scale cultivation grows indoors as well as sophisticated greenhouses and outdoors legally for 3 years in 2 states. 

Anticipated Result: A completed, compliant and ready to move in cultivation center

Phase 3:  Operational Execution

The third phase focuses on helping our Partner/Clients develop a business structure for a startup organization that can easily transition to a fully mature large scale growing and/or processing center. Highroad Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to accomplish this based on the 20 plus years’ experience building startups in the traditional world combined with actual experience building cannabis businesses and selling them, something very few have accomplished in the burgeoning industry. 

It has proven to be a difficult transition for most growers moving from the unregulated market to a highly regulated and competitive one. Highroad Consulting Group will work with the clients to not only build their in-house controls, but assist in the marketing and sales strategy teams as well.

We bring in our team of experts to train your team and then we transition out.

Anticipated Result: A fully functioning cultivation center with checks and balances, quality standards, compliance and controls in place. Combined with a sales team.

Phase 4:  Stabilizing

During this critical phase, Highroad Consulting Group will ensure that the processes and checks and balances are producing the anticipated results. Modifications are almost always necessary and anticipated to fine tune. Highroad Consulting Group begins to transition to more of an ‘oversight’ role allowing the Board to function as designed as well as the team to fully mature.

Anticipated Result: A mature and independent operation.


Phase 5:  Ongoing Support and Industry Solutions

During phase 5, Highroad Consulting Group provides unlimited access to trouble shoot both internal issues as well as any industry challenges. Calling upon their national network of cannabis experts– we are sure to find a solution and alternatives for you whether it be key staff positions, regulations, legal or tax audits, we have an arsenal of proven resources available to assist.

Anticipated Result: You sleep better ;)

Phase 6:  State Licensing

Licensing is not an easy process. It is anticipated to be highly competitive and the lessons we have learned from monitoring and participating in multiple states application processes is clear. Many of the licensing review people are simply looking for ways to deny your application.  We have seen them denied for a multitude of what would seem unreasonable – but none the less – you are our of the running. We haven’t lost yet. So we would guide you through the necessary steps of the application process and then help you build a winning application.  Prior to that we are lobbying to ensure that reasonable rules are being written both at the city and state levels.

Anticipated Result: A treasured California business license in an industry so new that the sky is the limit!