The secret to how Greta has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time can be summed up in two words; Team Building

Greta Carter


When it comes to building a new business empire in the cannabis industry, there are no hands more experienced or accomplished then Greta Carter’s. Beginning her professional management career in traditional business with a 15-year stint in the highly regulated world of banking, Greta successfully launched multiple start-up businesses and managed projects with budgets often exceeding $80 million. Always seeking greater personal challenges, however, Greta resigned her position as a Vice President of Citibank to found and build her own multi-million-dollar real estate based business in Jacksonville, FL. It was only after achieving personal professional success in the conventional business world that Greta was drawn to the challenge and activism of the marijuana industry in the mid 2000’s.

Beginning her cannabis career as a prominent activist for intelligent marijuana regulation, Greta founded the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, Washington’s oldest marijuana trade organization and the industry authority that the State of Washington turned to for feedback and advice when drafting its recreational cannabis use regulations. Greta was also personally instrumental in the drafting of the City of Seattle’s medical marijuana ordinance, and in the drafting of Washington’s outdoor cultivation regulations. Beyond her political contributions to the industry, Greta has directly built and managed multiple medical and recreational marijuana businesses as well. She built and managed The Hope Clinics, a chain of Washington medical clinics that served over 32,000 patients in just 4 years. She also founded and managed one of Washington’s most successful recreational cannabis cultivation facilities, one of the top selling cultivators by sales volume during her tenure. She has also been a guest speaker at multiple major cannabis industry trade shows, been the project manager of teams that have won over a dozen state marijuana licenses, and is currently managing the build out of two regulated medical marijuana facilities in southern California. And these are just a few of her more notable accomplishments.




Ryan Fingerhut, a young attorney who started with Greta in 2014, is often introduced by Greta as her retirement plan. He brings the disciplines of an attorney along with the passion and ambition for achievement evident in the key roles he plays as a Highroad Consulting Group partner. Ryan was instrumental in authoring winning applications in Nevada that earned Highroad Consulting Group's equity positions with Sweet Goldy CultivationSweet Goldy Processing, and Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary





Simon Watson

Operations Director

Simon specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), crop management, design, and function of all major growing models (organic and non-organic fertilizer options). Additionally, he is able to identify power limitations and capabilities, layouts and navigation's of lighting companies and products designed for agricultural indoor lighting, as well as cultivation style or media choice and the labor considerations and cost associated with various media choices. Simon considers himself to be a wizard of state tracking software programs, and a soil connoisseur.  He has a desire to maximize your yields solve your problems and consider alternative solutions. His personal motto is “one problem, many solutions;” he will find a solution that works for you and your unique situation!

Simon has a love for the outdoors that he channels into all of his workings with plants, wanting them to feel in the most Ideal conditions he can create for them. Because of this passion, Simon has been pursuing agricultural sustainability and intense indoor and outdoor crop management for the last 10 years. Projects that range from commercial organic vegetable farms, indoor hydroponic fruit and vegetable production and commercial propagation and cloning. Over the past 4 years Simon has consulted on over 150,000 canopy feet of cannabis that range from Indoor tech to outdoor seasonal in Washington state's recreational marijuana program. Simon has been fervently involved with all aspects of growing, curing, and preparing marijuana for market sale, and commercial processing.

AJ Palmer

Finance Director

AJ Palmer moved to the Coachella Valley about 20 years ago. She studied accounting at California State University San Bernardino and during her studies, worked for a small accounting firm in the Riverside area. She has been working in the accounting world for over 25 years and AJ has found that accounting is a passion and it shows in her work ethic.  She also enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and working on cars. Yes, you read that right, cars. Along with working on cars, she loves to attend car shows that focus on the restored classics. And when looking at a restoration, using her accounting background to figure the cost of the restoration. She is very excited to be working with Highroad Consulting and working with your start up business so that you get your accounting procedure set up right the first time.




Multimedia Specialist


A Los Angeles native, Erick Sanchez has 10+ years experience in commercial production and independently another 15+ years as a graphic designer/brand consultant. The arts were instilled very young after Erick spent time attending The Waldorf School in Los Angeles, playing the violin and cello when he wasn't reading and drawing comic books. Erick spent his high school and college days in Newport Beach, CA and attended Orange Coast College with Sociology as his primary focus. After starting the first 80's themed nightclub in Orange County with some friends, Erick quickly realized that if you have a club you need a flyer... so why not make one. So there went the college and here came the clients. From there, Erick devoted his design business to bridging the gap between client and consumer, a quality Erick attributes that to his multi-cultural experiences in LA and OC.

Erick transitioned into commercial production in 2007, while still maintaining a few primary design clients. Now calling Hollywood home, Erick has created his first production company and has garnered some big names to add to his growing list of clients. From Stillhouse Moonshine, Georgio Armani, MOET, and other name-brand companies to the Silicon Valley based technology company, Knightscope, Erick's content producing and directing services have been featured as primary brand visuals. Creating is Erick's passion and turning an idea into an aesthetic is what makes him tick. 


Marketing Manager


Ramsey Doudar has left his creative marketing stamp on each of Greta's companies; Having effectively created the brand personalities she was looking for with Cannabis Training Institute, and Life Gardens, he has since developed marketing collateral and jumpstarted brand awareness for Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary and several other clients.

Now Highroad Consulting Group's in-house marketing specialist, Ramsey also works on the front lines of the marijuana industry; serving as a budtender and priding himself on being on the pulse of cannabis consumers' ever-evolving insights & preferences.