How two cannabis entrepreneurs launched a successful Las Vegas dispensary - Inyo Fine Cannabis

Two finance and insurance professionals from Nevada, David Goldwater and Chris Olsen, dreamed of getting into the cannabis industry and opening a top-notch dispensary. The stars aligned and their local regulators in unincorporated Clark County opened up a limited number of cannabis licenses in the summer of 2014.

The duo jumped on the opportunity, armed with passion for cannabis and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

But they quickly learned what many new cannabis entrepreneurs learn.

“When you apply for a license to operate in the cannabis industry, you put your whole life on the line,” said David. “It’s not only a significant financial commitment, but a significant personal commitment as well.”

And applying for cannabis licenses is far more complicated than just filling out a form – there are business plans to present, a maze of regulations to consider, and stiff competition to beat.

Find out what you don’t know

To win the competitive application process, David and Chris had to demonstrate both traditional business expertise and a firm grasp of the challenges cannabis presents to daily business operation.

“There is no one I would trust more with that kind of commitment than the professionals at Highroad,” David said.

Competitive cannabis application processes result when a jurisdiction opens a limited number of licenses, sometimes even restricted by land zones. This type of application process is a top initial challenge for cannabis entrepreneurs.

David and Chris knew they had a good plan and that they love cannabis, but it turned out they needed more than just a good idea and financial backing.

“We were attracted to Highroad’s record of success in licensing,” David said. “But the attention to detail and efficient use of resources was what made the difference in the end.”

Highroad Founder Greta Carter, national cannabis leader Steve DeAngelo, and Inyo co-principal owner David Goldwater
Highroad Founder Greta Carter, national cannabis leader and author Steve DeAngelo, and Inyo co-principal owner David Goldwater

David vs. Goliath

“Clark County was a really competitive licensing process, and